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What do Mask do to our Eyes

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The biggest thing mask does is fog up your glasses and theere couple of ways we can help with that one is anti-fogging spray, and anti-fogging coating on the glasses. Both are offered at Eyecare Redefined. What you can do with the mask is make top half fit better around your nose and face. You can tighten the area around the nose in multiple ways with things found at home like paperclips, pipe cleaner, and twist ties. You can also use something like a Kleenex to close up the gap between your nose and face to stop air from going up there. Also washing your glasses with very mild soap can sometimes also decrease the fogging. Lastly, you can use surgical tape to force that mask to stay on your face

The other major thing that most people can experience is eye irritation due to extended mask wear. There been multiple showing that extended mask wear increase dry eye symptoms even if they didn't have dry eye before. The reason why is you are blowing up air up against your eyes and just like having a fan on your eyes it dries them out. A lot of people might think hey we need to treat the dry eye which normally starts with drops. But if you didn't have dry eye symptoms before or even if you did it makes more sense to turn off the fan/tighten are mask as discussed above for fogging to do for your dry eye in sealing the mask. Disclaimer this not diagnosing or saying you personally have this issue or this is the cause of your irritation in the eyes.

I want you to be aware we are not trying to discourage wearing mask actually quite the opposite we want to teach ways to make mask-wearing as easy as possible.

Someone wearing glasses and a mask

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