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Why You Should Pick Eyecare Redefined

I want you to know we are independent doctors and locally owned and operated in the Katy/Fulshear area. We are also Proud sponsors of the Katy High School, Katy Fire Department, and Diamond Dragons little league team. I feel like everyone's eye doctor's website you read always promises they provide the best quality care. I won't lie, I believe we provide the best quality care. We redefine eyecare in a multitude of ways. We DO NOT use the famous air puff test, we use a more accurate and less invasive machine that at most you will feel rub up against your eyelashes and at best won't feel a thing! Dilation is not always needed because we have an advanced true-to-color ultra-widefield retinal camera that can see out more than 250 degrees in the retina without dilation! This allows us to easily look for eye diseases without any of the side effects of dilation. We also have an auto phoropter which is a faster way of determining your glasses prescription (fewer ones and twos). Advanced autorefractor, topographer, and wavefront aberrometer that allows us to determine how much glare your eye has, to look at the lens of your eye to determine how bad the cataract is or isn't, a corneal topography to confirm corneal health, and both daytime glasses and nighttime glasses. Yes, you read that right, for some people their glasses prescription changes during the day compared to night. It is called Night Myopia and this affects almost 30% of Americans. Other optometry clinics don't even check for this.  We also have the equipment to measure dry eye problems before they occur to help prevent dry eye problems in the future.

Dr. Chappel OD is a contact lens specialist specializing in fitting contact lenses and is always on the watch for new contact lenses and can fit some that a lot of optometrists/ophthalmologists don't. Even if you failed to wear contact lenses in the past we have options you never tried before.  

We use advanced lens technology from Hoya that is only available to independent optometrists meaning you can't get our lens online or in big box stores. This allows us to have the most scratch-resistant anti-glare/anti-refractive coating that also is easier to clean, less likely to get dirty, and won't peel when you leave it in your car by accident or on purpose.  Hoya Lens is the global technology leader in lens designs, materials, and treatment. We also try to use the aspheric lens whenever possible this helps with thinning lenses, lighter, and flatter than a spherical lens. This can be free with some insurance and always included for self-pay patients. We have an advanced pupilometer to take measurements of your glasses and how they fit on your face and we can incorporate that into the glasses prescription themselves. Depending on insurance/self-pay and prescription we can get single vision lenses (not bifocal/progressive) in under a week are record is 1 day the average is around 4 days due to having an edger in the office to make sure your lens is made correctly. 

 We are dedicated to environmentally friendly frames to do our part of keeping the world going around. These are only a few of the amazing technology at Eyecare Redefined! Everyone can promise quality customer service but not everyone can claim the most advanced technology.

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