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Dry Eyes and Allergies

Dry Eyes and Allergies are something very easy to diagnose but very complex to treat. There are many treatments for dry eye beyond drops. This field is constantly evolving and needs an Optometrist that also evolving with it and that is what Eyecare Redefine has to offer advanced technology and a doctor staying up to date with the constantly evolving landscape that is dry eye treatment. We also have a meibography machine to measure for Meibomian gland dysfunction (an issue that causes dry eyes) on all routine eye exams to help detect problems before they occur!

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Eye Test Glasses

Stye, Chalazion, and Hordeolum's

These are problems that can affect the eyelid. Good treatment of these diseases is the difference from it taking months to go away to days! At our optometry clinic, we can do an in-office procedure that can help make these styes go away faster.


We can monitor cataracts like others can't we have advanced equipment that can retro illumination lens of your eye and determine if you have a cataract and takes an image of your cataract at no extra cost to you! That way we have very percise way of monitoring your cataract for change. Have you already had cataract surgery this same technology can be used to make your IOL axis is aligned. Allowing our eye doctors to easily and more reliably assess your cataract.

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Macular Degeneration

There are two parts of managing this disease one is monitoring the progression of the disease and when it is time to treat the disease and when it is time to just monitor it. Our Optometry Clinic as a true-to-color retinal camera can help and this camera has Autofluorescence which can help detect wet macular degeneration better than just a normal retinal camera. 

        The other part is having an optometrist that takes their time to determine what is the best way to help the patient. Macular Degeneration affects your central vision so sometimes determining someone's glasses prescription in the phoropter (normal big pair of glasses that the doctor says one or two at you) is not the best way to determine the best glasses prescription. There are many different ways that we can help beyond just glasses to help their/your independence.  

Keratoconus, Pullucid Marginal degeration, Keratoglobus, and Corneal Ectasia

When you have eye diseases like this the biggest thing is to make sure this disease is not changing and that is done by a topographer. At Eyecare Redefined as a top of line topographer with an aberrometer. These two things can make sure the disease is not changing and to make the perfect pair of Speciality contact lenses to provide the best vision possible. You might have had Speciality contact lenses before but their new advancement in Speciality contact lenses with an aberrometer can improve vision even more!

Showing a corneal topography of keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration
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