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About Our Glasses Lens Manufacturer

Hoya is the global technology leaders in lens designs, materials, and treatment. These lenses are not available online or in big box stores. They offer anti-reflective (anti-glare) that doesn't just help with glare and sharpen vision it also offers UV protection, is easily cleaned, smudge resists, and is clinically proven to be the strongest anti-reflective coating on the market and only anti-reflective coating more scratch resistance than glass! This also allows us to offer the Phoenix lens which is the lightest lens on market, twice as scratch-resistant than polycarbonate, 30% clearer than polycarbonate, 60 times more impact resistant than standard plastic making this amazing lens for kids and adults alike. They also have advanced progressive lenses with the widest field of view for your distance and near vision. We can also offer ways to decrease digital eye fatigue way beyond blue blocker glasses, and also ways to decrease peripheral distortion in glasses. They also provide prism to glasses if you have binocular vision issues. These are only a few of the amazing things we can offer with Hoya!

Image by Karsten Würth

Our Eyewear Products

Our advanced equipment in the optometry clinic extends into our eyewear too. With a focus on frame brands using recycled plastic, plant-based resin, removing plastic from the ocean, planting trees, and/or focusing on reducing waste in the manufacturing process to help protect our environment. Environmental frame brands are Arbor Eyewear, Dragon, and Eco. Other frame lines like Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, David Beckham, Under Armor, Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, and Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Maui Jim, and Saint Laurent have incorporated things like solar panels, using 90% recycled water, and using materials that reduce the environmental impact of traditional frame lines.  We also have the one and only frame line made start to finish in Texas called Forall. Other frames brands are Rayban, Prada, Calvin Klein, Oakley and Nike Vision.

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