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Pediatric Eye Exam

Let's get this out first we can see children of any age! We have advanced technology to help make exams on children easier and techniques mastered when the technology fails when the kids are too hyperactive. This also allows our optometrist to be able to treat autistic children or adults. We can either treat and/or diagnose diseases like amblyopia (lazy eye/weak eye), strabismus (eye turn), and conjunctivitis (red eye). We have an ultrawide field retinal camera with one of the fastest if not the fastest capture rate of less than 0.2 seconds meaning it is more likely to get a photo of the retina and less of one of the eyelids. Ultrawide field retinal camera was originally designed due to the designer's son having a retinal detachment and losing his vision and wanted to create a camera to be able to detect a retinal detachment on an uncooperating child and so an ultrawide field camera was born.

         The biggest thing right now when it comes to the pediatric exams is when it is important to implement myopia control and decrease the progression of myopia (nearsightedness). This can be done by contact lenses, drops, and in the near future glasses. Implementing this early enough can cut their final glasses prescription as an adult by half and decrease the risk factor of some diseases as much as 100 times!

Perscription Glasses
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