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Contact Lenses

Our Contact lens Products

I know probably come to check this page to see if we have your brand of contact lens and you can be rest assured we have most of the major brands of contact lenses in stock in our office and if we don't have your brand or power we can order some. I want you to be rest assured we have the most advanced soft contact lens and the most advanced gas permeable material contact lens. I wanted to use this area to talk more about a couple of specialty contact lenses some allow you to see without anything on and others allow clearer vision than you can even get in your glasses. Two of the specialty contact lens offered are called ortho-k and scleral contact lenses and will discuss below how they might be right for you.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

Let 1st talk about ortho-k/orthokeratology, sometimes called the OK lens, this is a great contact lens for a couple of reasons. The first reason it is a contact lens you don't have to wear to see. This contact lens reshapes your cornea (front surface of the eye) at night so you can see during the day. Put the contact lens in right before bed and sleep in it and then remove it in the morning to see throughout the day. If you are a child below the age of 18 this is even better because wearing this contact lens has shown to decrease the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) by 50%. This is only one of the many options we have for myopia (nearsightedness) progression at our optometry office. 

Contact lens and topography of the eye

Scleral Contact Lens

The other Contact lens I would like to talk about is the Scleral Contact lens this is the lens Dr. Chappel wears. He wears them due to comfort and vision. The contact themselves helps with dry eye because your eyes are always bathed in liquid. Due to the lens made out GP lens material vision quality is beyond any traditional soft contact lens by a mile and it can even beat your vision in glasses. The scleral contact lens is great when you have large amount of astigmatism too and can be designed to remove Higher Aberration (things that cause decreased vision not fixed by glasses, the image below is some examples of higher-order aberrations). These lenses were originally designed for an eye disease called Keratoconus which is an eye disease that they can't see out of glasses and can only see out of contact lenses like Scleral Contact lenses, so comfort was paramount when the last thing you want to do is wear a contact lens in the first place.

Scleral contact lens with Higher order aberration removal decreasing light bloom

Some of the Contact Lens Brand

We have partnered with Baush and Lamb to offer a recycling program to be able to recycle contacts. Look below and you see the boxes of the most common contact lens. Some of the most common manufacturers are Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, Coopervision, and Vistakon (Johnson and Johnson).  Some of those contact lens made by these companies is Acuvue (Oasys, Moist, Vita), Air Optix, Biofinity, Ultra, Biotrue, Precision 1, Dailies Total 1, Dailes Aquacomfort plus, Total 30,  Infuse, Mydays, Clariti, and another brand is Naturalvue

 Alcon Contact Lens
Bausch and Lamb Contact lens
Coopervision Contact lens
Acuvue Contact lens
Naturalvue contact lens
Eye Trial Frame
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