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Diabetic Eye Exam

         If you are Diabetic your doctor has probably told you to go see your eye doctor. I'm first going to tell you why we should see us for that exam and then I will examine why getting your eye exam is so important. Are you tired of going to an eye doctor and your PCP not getting a report or having to be dilated just to be screened for diabetic problems? At our optometry clinic, we have an advanced ultra-widefield camera and this can easily screen you for your diabetes. This retinal camera is the only true-to-color retinal camera that can see 267 degrees of the retina. The best thing about taking a photo of the back of the eye is we have a photo to compare to next year or 10 years from now. 

             Why should a Diabetic get a Diabetic eye exam? The simple answer is to make sure your eyes are staying healthy. The long answer is diabetes is a complex disease that can cause multiple problems in the eye like bleeding in the eye, new leaky blood vessels formation, ischemia of the retina, and cataract formations. The worst part about most of these problems is that they might not initially affect vision. Meaning you maybe have something that needs to be treated and you don't know about it. The other problem is if this is happening in the eye then we know it happening elsewhere in the body especially in the kidneys.

Retinal photo
Eye Trial Frame
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