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We got an edger!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

You are probably wondering what an Edger is. Let me explain what an edger means for you. Some of the best news for you is it decreases the time for the lens to come in for most insurance (some vision plans require us to use a certain lab) and of course for self-pay. It can reduce single vision (not progressive or bifocals) return time down to only 2 days. It also allows us to allow you to keep your frames when you only want a lens replacement. In the near future (hopefully in less than 6 months) allow us to do same-day glasses for single vision! We have some lenses right now for emergency use only (Broken glasses). We can put those extra lenses into your frame and then wait for your true lens to come in. You may be wondering, that all sounds great but what is an edger? It's what allows us to take a lens blank (picture below) with your glasses prescription in and edge it down to fit your frame you picked out! It sounds simple and actually using the instrument isn't too complicated but the instrument itself is very high tech even if it doesn't look it 😂 I also created a tik tok/Instagram reel on it and here the link to that

Example of stock lens before it cut into a frame

This is example of edger for glasses lens

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