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I Hate my Vision in Glasses

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Some of the complaints I hear about vision in glasses normally deals with peripheral vision, size of objects, and/or distortion to objects. Other things I hear a lot of are how easy they are to scratch, and how they get dirty all the time which will be coved at the end. Well, Hoya (lens manufacturer we use at Eyecare Redefined) just released MySV. Let's show what happens to glasses when you have a decent amount of power in your glasses.

image of the distortion of your glasses lens

You can see the distortion of the lens in the peripheral area. This blurry distortion of the peripheral can go unnoticed by people and they don't realize the problem until they go into contact lens or go into a bigger frame. It is one of the biggest things people have to adjust to when they go back to glasses from contact lenses or go into a bigger frame. Trust Dr. Chappel it was the 1st thing he notice when he got his new pair of glasses. Some of the other lens manufacturers has come out with some peripheral distortions decrease to make the image better but the problem with them is that they only provide it in the Horizontal and vertical plain and don't include any other areas. If you remember that a circle has 360 degrees, that means the traditional way to improve the peripheral distortions only helps with 40 degrees at most. Meaning 320 degrees are still distorted! This is where the MySV comes in with decreasing the distortion in all 360 degrees.

image of how the MySV system can remove distortion from your glasses

The way Hoya does this is by BKS (Backside surface) technology. This uses the advanced measurement of the frame and how it fits on your face to remove the back portion of the lens to compensate for the distortion. This has added benefit and thinning the lens!

how the MySV also makes the glasses lens look thinner

To accomplish the goal to remove distortion we 1st need to know how the glasses fit on your face to determine where the distortion needs to be removed. This is why using our advanced technology to measure the glasses on your face is important to make the best pair of glasses. This technology goes way beyond just a PD measurement! That is why we use the product recommended by Hoya to measure glasses called Spectangle Pro to get all the info needed for MySV and many other lens products.

Another major complaints I hear about glasses is either they scratch too easily/peeling and get dirty so easily. This was one of the major reasons why we partnered with Hoya is their EX3+ AR coating is the only lens coating that is more scratch resistant than glasses and is a substrate match that allows them to endure the strong heat of Texas without peeling! I was talking to someone on in Hoya and he said his favorite thing to do to prove how great this coating was to leave the lens in the trunk of his car while driving around in Phoenix Arizona during summer. It would be pretty embarrassing to be showing a potential buyer lens that peeling all over that would happen with other competitors. Of course, they also use advanced coating technology to ensure it is smudge, dust, and water resistant. How this works and everything could be whole another blog post so I leave it here.

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