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Dailies vs monthly contact lens

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

People ask me what the difference is between daily and monthly contact lenses. The biggest thing is comfort. I hear this all the time when my contacts are getting closer to the end of the month and start irritating me and/or start hurting. The other comment I hear all the time is they are itchy after of couple days. Itchy ness is because it is almost impossible to completely clean the contact lens and the allergen on the contact lens is causing allergies. Please do not overwear your monthly contact lens! It is like saying I'm going to wear the same clothes until they start smelling/falling apart. Expect it is not on your body it is on your eye. Back on the subject, the reason why dailies are normally more comfortable is because of the technology in the lens that doesn't have to last multiple cleaning. It only has to last a day! So they're some cool contacts in daily. I think one of the coolest concepts is infused which is a silicone hydrogel but it releases healing properties to heal the damage contact lens causes. It is a lens that if you switch from one brand to another you are supposed to wear 7 days before you make your decision because it supposedly heals the damage of your old contact and the new contact over the 7 days (I be honest I'm grossly oversimplifying it but interesting nonetheless). The other major advantage is that dailies is it has the least chance of infection compared to any other contact lens. The major advantage in monthly's is cost up front but what a lot of people don't think about is the cleaning solution because that is an going cost and can cost over $100 over the year. Normally the yearly rebate of dailies is a significantly higher rebate. For monthly contact lenses, the largest I have ever seen is $100 but that rebate is only $50 now. The largest monthly yearly rebate right now is $75 and for dailies the rebate is $315. The biggest thing that I think that 1st developed daily contact lenses was convenience and peace of mind. Due to always throwing the contact lens away at the end of the day if one rips no worries you only lost one day of contact lens instead of weeks. Some things as a doctor I don't like but I understand why someone would need to do is using contact lens is in the pool or lake/ocean (please don't if you can avoid it but I also understand you have to see sometimes). For daily contact lens wearers if they do swim in the pool or lake/ocean with their contacts lens on they can immediately throw them away (ortho-k lens eliminates this issue but not everyone can wear them) instead of trying to clean them and hope you got the bacteria/Parasite off the lens.

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