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Contact lens you don’t need to wear to see

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Yes you heard that right it is a contact lens you don't have to wear to be able to see. All you do is sleep in the lens and remove it in the morning. Then you can see without wearing anything. The contact lens is called an ortho-k lens. You may have heard about it or not. It is contact lens that like a temporary lasik. You put on the lens right before you go to bed and as you sleep it reshapes your cornea to be able to see throughout the day. Funny thing is topography of an ortho-k and lasik are very similar. It is a great lens for people with contact lens related dryness or if you swim a lot. It also great for kids because the lens has also shown to decrease the progression of nearsightedness (myopia control). This lens is best for people who are mild to moderate near sightedness and can treat over -5.00 diopters of power! We use Euclid ortho-k because they offer highest oxygen permeability on the market! Which is important when you are sleeping in the lens. The lens themselves isn't made from a traditional soft lens but made from gas permeable lens material so it is little harder than a traditional soft but you won't feel it when you are sleeping and lens becomes more comfortable when it reshapes the eye because the lens moves less.

Topography of ortho-k contact lens

This is how the lens reshapes the eye the 1st is before ortho-k the second is after ortho k the topography of an ortho-k is very similar to what the cornea looks like post lasik! If you decide to stop wearing ortho-k it will just go back to how it was before you wear the ortho-k!

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