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Rise your eyelids with only a drop

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Example of eyelid drooping

There a new drop that has come out in the last couple years called upneeq. Not a lot people of learned about it yet but it can raise your eye lid up to 2 to 3 mm. Which may not seem like much but when you realize the cornea, front surface of your eye, average size is around 10.5 mm. That means 3 mm is almost 29% of the whole cornea. Some people want the eye drop to raise one eyelid up and some want because they feel like their eyes look small/squinting all the time. The drop works by working on the muller muscle in the eyelid. Which is one of the many muscles in the Eyelids responsible for raising and lower the lid itself. Muller muscle job is raise the lid by 2 to 3 mm and so all the drop does is activate this one muscle. When you put the drop in it can take up to 15 minutes to start seeing effect but full lift is in 2 hours. Eyelids can naturally go down with aging but disease like Horner's syndrome (which can be caused by lung cancer), bell's palsy, and Myasthenia gravis (thyroid issue). Horner's syndrome can be is something that we screen for at a routine eye exam due to multiple effects it has on the eyes. So when ptosis (one eyelid drooping) is new it always a good idea to get eye exam even if it is something as simple as bells palsy because how devastating the dry eye can be. When both eyelids are drooping you can always come in for a prescription of upneeq to help make your eyes look less tired. This drop can be a great alternative to surgery.

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