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New Dry Eye treatment that doesn't require drops

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

A new FDA-approved option in dry eye treatment came out in the latter half of 2021 called Tyrvaya. It is the first and only medicated nasal spray approved to treat dry eye. This is by working on the trigeminal nerve which is in noise but is also connected to the lacrimal gland (the gland that produces the aqueous portion of your tears). This has shown an increase in tear production in 5 minutes after dosage and an even bigger increase by 4 weeks. This also decreases symptoms of dry eye (the dry, irritated, and gritty feeling of the eye) with increased tear production. The most common side effect unsurprisingly of nasal spray is sneezing. Feel free to come in at Eyecare Redefined and see if Trvaya is right for you.

Showing example of the tyrvaya nasal spray for dry eye

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