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A new study in slowing down the progression of glasses getting worse (Myopia Control)

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The term is Myopia control which is trying to slow down the progression kids glasses getting stronger in someone who is nearsighted, I have another blog about that in the past ( The new thing is Low-level light therapy in the red spectrum. Low-level light therapy has been shown to help with dry eye in the past but this is a completely different reason to use it. This is a very early stage and seems like it was only 6 months long which is completely too short. Even the study says it needs to be at least 2 years but they are planning to continue most of the studies. The difference between 934 individuals in the control and patients getting red-level light therapy was 0.68D between the two groups after 6 months an average axial length difference of 0.35 mm (axial length growing is what makes you more near-sighted [myopic]). It was looking at 13 different studies and different studies had different parameters some having to do it 2 times a day for 5 days a week. It does look promising and maybe another option to fight myopia (near-sightedness) in the future. Right now the data isn't enough for me to recommend at this time due to the effectiveness of already known treatments of Atropine, Ortho-k, and Speciality soft lenses like Naturalvue and Misight. To be honest I'm just hoping this will be the thing we can add to another treatment option to slow down progression even more because combining treatments hasn't been as effective as I would hope.

One of the devices used to slow down progression of near-sightedness

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