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Image by Claudio Schwarz

Our Biggest Sale Ever!

We just got an edger!!! To continue our excellent care which allows changing lenses in frames without needing to take the frames. With this deal, we got a limited-time discount on the lens and we are passing that saving to you!

Our biggest sale ever! You buy any frame at full retail price and get a Polycarbonate lens (lighter and thinner lens than basic plastic (CR-39)) with Basic Anti-reflective coating (Anti-glare) for FREE! That is $220 dollars worth of savings! If you want any upgrades just pay for the upgrade! That is better than some vision plans! No exceptions on the frames selected The other offer is $250 for the best Anti-reflective (anti-glare) with Photochromic (like transitions) in grey with polycarbonate lens! Over 40% of savings!

Some Exceptions do apply. The two most common are greater than -2.00 on astigmatism second number on your glasses third doesn't matter. Which covers over 90% of the general population!! Another major expectation is just tinting the lens for sunglasses but Polarized will work! Progressive and Bifocals lenses are an upgrade option!

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